Geoserve B.V. is a private company based in Marknesse, the Netherlands. Geoserve was established in 1997 as a spin-off company of the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR).

Our core business has always been a satellite imagery supplier. Geoserve is among others an authorized reseller for AirbusEuropean Space ImagingSI Imaging Services and SpaceWill. Further Geoserve is also an authorized reseller for Digital Elevation Models from among others Intermap and RESTEC.

Since the past 10 years, Geoserve has chosen to focus on “giving easy access to satellite imagery”. As a result we have grown the activities in satellite image processing and image portal development. This enabled us to give non-expert users also easy access to satellite imagery.

Geoserve process satellite imagery for among others several Dutch Ministries and engineering firms (Arcadis, Royal Haskoning DHV).

Geoserve has a 4 person experienced staff with an engineering or ICT background.

The shareholders of Geoserve are the Netherlands Aeoropace Center (NLR) and part of the Geoserve staff.