How to plan new imagery for the future?

Geoserve has a large portfolio with planning new imagery over your area of interest. Wherever you want. And almost as frequently as you want. We can combine different satellites with different resolutions if you like. In case of emergency we have a 24/7 access to the Pleiades and Spot-6/7 satellite programming tool. Up to 4 hours before the moment of image acquisition.

Other satellites have fixed acquisition days and are predictable which areas they acquire at a day.
So explain your needs and we can find a solution together.

How to monitor an area with frequently new imagery?

The Geoserve Alert Service daily scans the archives for many satellites a multiple times. By inserting your area a new image match will be detected immediately and communicated with you. All previous matches are collected at your personal project website. For keeping the overview or for evaluation. An Alert Service over Amsterdam can be seen here.

How to find imagery from the past?

Since 1972 satellites collect digital imagery over our earth. Analog satellites are even older. Almost all images have been kept on many stocks and are still accessible. Sometimes even without payment. With the Geoserve Lookup Tool the most popular images over your area can be found within a minute. A limited version can be seen here. Or let us help you to find historical images.

How to get the imagery user ready?

Satellite imagery contain too much information. Most information isn’t needed and can better be stripped off. Geoserve has professional software* to extract exactly the information that you need, and deliver it fitting into your own workflow. On request we can create a dedicated automated processing chain.
* Our image processing software used is: PCI, ENVI, ERDAS, Global Mapper, ER-Mapper

How to get easy access to my image set?

If you have your own GIS you better keep on using it. Geoserve delivers the imagery with the right format to fit into the GIS directly.
If you can use some help, the Geoserve Time Series Tool might be the solution. All your own (processed) images are accessible in a browser. Without installing any software or plugins.

The Time Serie Tool with a basic dataset over our area can be found here.
– Click at the bottom for an image data
– Zoom by the mouse wheel
– Press the arrow to see the next/previous image
– Click the pinpoint to select image 1
– Click the pinpoint to select image 2
– Click the eye to compare them with the slider