3D data

Geoserve can deliver you 3D data from any part of the world. This 3D data, derived from satellite imagery, is used in various applications: simulators (aviation, maritime, etc.), serious gaming, city modeling, and visualization.

As it is geometrically correct and accurate, the 3D data is also used for engineering and modeling. Oil & gas engineers use this 3D data for pipeline routing. Scientists insert our 3D data in their models: flood risks, irrigation, noise propagation, landslides, line of sight analysis, etc.

We offer several types of 3D data:

  • Digital Elevation Models, more information
  • Stereo satellite imagery
  • 3D surface models – a satellite image draped over an elevation model (with texture on all sides)
  • Point clouds

For more information please contact Geoserve.

Digital Elevation Model of Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Mail-bijlage 2
3D visualization of the Mount Everest