Aerial photos

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Aerial photos became relevant in Word War I when the first airplanes were used to capture photos from a higher vantage point. Aerial information became a great source of important information. In less then hundred years, the possibilities of taking aerial photos rapidly grew. It became one the the greatest advantages in our time in gathering information for multiple purposes. Many companies use aerial photos to support marketing activities. Governmental organisations mainly need photos made by satellites in support of legal obligations.

Commercial aerial photography

Aereal photos can be used for a wide range of commercial activities. Think about photos being taken from a satellite and the possibilities these pictures give. Your company may use the aerial imagery to point out a specific spot on earth where your business has something to offer. Photos have always had a positive impact on the attention of your readers. Whether it is on- or offline, your potential customers will be attracted. Imagine the particularity if your posted material is made by a satellite, and the way you can distinct yourself from business competitors.

Aerial photography for authorities

Authorities usually differ in the reasons for obtaining satellite imagery. Think about maps and views to monitor the development of areas. This kind of data is clearly needed to keep track of multiple challenges on a worldwide and regional level. Via satellites high-end photography can be delivered to our various governmental customers. We are proud to be able to support governmental organisations in their goals of obtaining intelligence by satellite photos.

Geoservice provides you with aerial satellite services

We take a pride in the advantages we offer your organisation or business;

  • Our high level of integrity and confidentiality
  • Very good satellite services
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  • Our rapid response to your questions
  • Our hands-on mentality and practical approach

Interested in aerial photos?

Geoserve offers various services in satellite imagery. All our services are supported by professionals with years of experience. We are an independent distributor that provides support to multiple organisations and companies. If you want to find out more about aerial photos, you can contact us in The Netherlands at +31(0)527241010.