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5 april 2013

Canada’s Radarsat-1 satellite may be lost for good

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced April 9 that Radarsat-1 experienced a “technical anomaly” and that government and commercial users of the satellite have been advised that no new orders for imagery are being accepted. Controllers last heard from the spacecraft March 29, when engineers noticed Radarsat-1 was in safe mode, a semi-dormant state in […]

14 maart 2013

First images of LDCM (Landsat 8)

The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) has send back images of Earth from both of its instruments—the Operational Land Imager (OLI) and the Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS). NASA has published an impressive satellite image tasked on 18 March 2013 which shows the Rocky Mountains and the cities Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder and Denver. […]

14 januari 2013

End of commercial operations of SPOT 4 satellite

On Friday, January 11, commercial operations of SPOT 4 satellite were terminated. The joint decision on stopping commercial operations of the satellite was made by the SPOT 4 owner – CNES (French Space Agency) and the satellite Operator – Astrium GEO-Information Services. The satellite has been operating for almost 15 years (177 months) from its […]

12 januari 2013

RapidEye commits to data continuity

RapidEye, a leader in high-resolution, wide area repetitive coverage of earth through its constellation of five satellites announced a positive update on the health and lifespan of its satellites. In addition, Michael Oxfort has been appointed to lead the development of the company’s data continuity strategy. “The RapidEye System has proven to be extremely robust,” […]

5 januari 2013

In-orbit assessment of Pléiades 1B

High performance levels confirmed The interim in-orbit assessment of Pléiades 1B, focusing principally on orbit acquisition and satellite performance, was successfully concluded on Thursday 10 January. Pléiades 1B had reached its nominal orbit two days earlier and is now phased at180 degrees with respect to Pléiades 1A. The final in-orbit acceptance review is expected in […]

5 december 2012

Pléiades 1B launch succesfully

On 2 December 2012 the optical very-high-resolution satellite Pléiades 1B is launched successfully from Guyana Space Centre. With Pléiades 1A on the same orbit the satellites form a true constellation offering daily revisits to any point on the globe.

5 september 2012

Spot 6 launch successfully

The Spot 6 satellite is launched with succes on September 9th. This satellite acquires optical satellite images with a resolution of 1.5m. With a swath width of 60km it is possible to cover large areas with few satellite images. In 2013 the images will be available for commercial users.

15 maart 2012

Emergency acquisition with Deimos-1 successfully tested

For several mutual projects, Deimos Imaging and Geoserve successfully tested an emergency acquisition of the Azores with the Deimos-1 satellite. This Spanish satellite acquires multispectral images with 22 meters resolution. As Deimos-1 is entirely controlled (from tasking to image production) by Deimos Imaging it is an excellent solution for emergency acquisitions. Those acquisitions are done […]

27 december 2011

First Pléiades 1A imagery

Only 3 days after launch Pléiades 1A acquired it’s first satellite images. Parts of those images have made available to the public. The Pléiades imagery have a 50 cm pixel size and reveal detailed information of several cities, including Paris and Casablanca. A ZIP file with all available images can be downloaded via FTP: Sample […]