Base map

With years of experience, Geoserve is your partner that provides you with a base map. You can form the base of your request on our large range of possibilities in high quality satellite systems. The results of the imagery that is obtained by the satellite cameras forms the base for your map and other use of imagery.

A base map created from satellite photos

A  base map needs to be accurate and up-to-date. Over decades, the quality of mapping has strongly improved. One of the main reasons for the raise in quality is the use of satellites. It forms a base for the final imagery that is used to make the definitive map. Satellite photos are taken all around the world and 24-hours a day. Large databases of imagery can be used to create a map for specific purposes.

An example of the use of a base map

In the desert, the circumstances constantly change. To monitor these changes, a map is needed as a starting reference. Satellite imagery is analysed and translated into maps. Now, the basic ingredients are available, and can be used to monitor the changes. The basemap as created can be used as the starting reference in order to monitor the changes. These changes in the desert are made visible. Because of that, scientists and monitoring staff can now detect patterns, and notice changes that need to be taken. Imagine that investing into new infrastructure in a desert is strongly depending on the monitoring of changes and the disadvantages and opportunities they give

Geoservice offers you:

  • High quality and low prices
  • Cost effective approach
  • Specialised in satellite products
  • Base map with your requested specifications
  • Independent distribution of satellite imagery

We can provide a base map

Geoserve in The Netherlands is providing a wide range of customers with high quality satellite imagery. A base map, for example, is just one of the product we can provide your organisation with. In order to find out more about all our services, you can contact us in The Netherlands: +31(0)527241010.