Change detection

High quality satellite imagery

Your change detection programs are our challenge for successful cooperation with our satellite services. Your interest logically is to be aware of a change that arises in the existing situation. Our wide experience in the usage of satelties will help you with your detection programs. We have access to the satellites that can deliver the change detection results needed. In first instance, the change detection results depend on the quality of the raw material. We are proud to be able to give you the best opportunities in satellite quality standards needed to see any change.

Detection with satellite photography

Change detection is best monitored with a range of pictures taken in a timeframe. We provide you with the photos you need, and support you with the timeframe settings. If you see a change or development that needs your extra attention, we can switch the settings. Because of our practical approach and good accessibility, changes can be made quickly. The detection of developments in your monitoring can be crucial for your results. We are fully aware that a change you notice can ask for our immediate input.

An example of the importance of detection

Satellite images are well suited for the mapping of coastlines. Satellites regularly collect images of all coasts worldwide. With these images, Geoserve can determine the coastline of any coastal zone in the world. During monitoring programs about coastal change, it became clear how much impact climat changes have on our coasts. The detection of developments in the water-land balance is crucial for strategic decisions made by our governments. We have noticed that requests for satellite images of coastlines have strongly increased over recent years. We understand this. Therefore, it is in our ambition to provide our customers with the material needed to make strategic decisions. Any flood that can be prevented through our contribution to the overall process is our strongest motivator.

Geoservice most important values

  • Best possible quality guaranteed
  • Satellite imagery as main speciality
  • Sound reputation in the field
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Dutch reliability in case of urgent needs

May we help you?

Geoserve offers a total package of satellite related services. Our company has many years of experience. As a distributor, we maintain our independency to provide our support in an objective way. Find out more about us on this website or contact us in The Netherlands +31(0)527241010.