Digital Elevation Models

About Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Elevation Models and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) are digital files with the readings of the earth’s surface. There are two types of elevation models: Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM). DTMs are models of the terrain heights (ground level heights). Here are the objects (such as trees and buildings) in the area omitted from the model. This type of model height is often used by utilities and oil companies for laying pipelines and cables on or under the ground or to sheet of wind turbines. DTMs are also required for proper geometric of satellite and aerial imagery. DSMs are models in which just about all objects in the field are included.

What kind of digital elevation do we cover?

Geoserve uses the possibilities we have in the choice of over 40 satellites with effective sensors to picture the elevation. With high precision, digital elevation is modelled into the desired format for further use. You can make a choice about the precision level that best suits your quality demands. Of course, the coverage of the area can be presented to you with the help of examples of previous projects. This will give you the possibility to make the right choice of the digital elevation model that best suits your wishes.

What kind of elevation measuring do we provide you with?

All our products maintain a high quality standard. Your model will meet the requirements we have agreed upon. You can make a choice between elevation details with our without ground control points. The chosen fares per km2 will partly depend on the required specifications. Price indications vary from fixed prices to solutions that need our special attention before calculated.

Your benefits from our digital service

  • Broad experience in satellite and radar imagery
  • Staff that maintains high quality and integrity standards
  • Guaranteed level of confidentiality
  • Rapid response to your request
  • Outside office working hours

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