Get close to an object on earth with superb satellite imagery

Geoserve distributes GeoEye satellite images for governmental and commercial use. Our company also provides related products and services. We have access to over 40 satellites and have expertise in multi-sensor solutions. Images taken by GeoEye, Pleiades,Kompsat Wordview, Spot, Sentinel and less known satellites are used for example for monitoring services, change detection products, near-real time deliveries, digital elevation models, and coast line changes.

Features of the GeoEye satellite

Satellites like GeoEye have sensing systems that take digital photos around the clock and around the world. What makes this satellite special? The senors of these satellites are the most sophisticated technology ever used in remote sensing systems. The sensor of GeoEye is optimised for the biggest projects. It can produce more than 350,000 square kilometres of multispectral satellite imagery. Pictures of different spectral bands merge into one image, which shows details that can be used for analyse. Special knowledge is required to be able to make these interpretations.

The value of satellite imagery

The success of optical tasking is never guaranteed. The weather conditions, especially clouds, can can make the pictures taken unusable. The good news is that when the weather is good, the material will be splendid. With our satellites, all places on earth can be reached, and it depends on the right moment to have the imagery as requested. GeoEye is famous for its clear results, and the very detailed photos the sensor takes.

Why choose Geoserve as your supplier?

The GeoEye satellite is just one of numerous satellites we can make use of. Depending on your purpose, we make a choice for the best results. Because of our experience, we can guarantee you the best results. Furthermore, we offer you the following:;

  • We aim for long term relationships
  • Satellite imagery is our core business
  • Your urgent requests will be taken care of immediately
  • Communication via short lines
  • Practical approach in every single case

Interested to find out more?

Geoserve offers you various possibilities of the use of the GeoEye satellite. With confidence, we provide you with the best possible service. Since 1997, we have operated as an independent distributor, and since then, we hace welcomed customers from all over the world. May we also provide you with the best possible results with GeoEye?