About geospatial intelligence

The term geospatial intelligence is commonly known as GeoInt. It consists of combined knowledge, a process, and is considered to be a profession. GeoInt is integrated in a coherent space-time context. This context consists of a forecast of human activities, a set of explanations and descriptions, and will give decision makers the possibility to take action. As a profession, geospatial intelligence investigates standards for government, the private sector and academe. Leading is the scope on interdisciplinary associations, competencies, and activities.

Historical development of GeoInt

GeoInt has developed from an analytical study of the earth surface in general into a combined set of intelligence disciplines. GeoInt is the combination of data and information with the development of the most recent technological possibilities. With the growth of the quality of source material, the geospatial intelligence also reached the level. Further integration of data and knowledge with other forms of intelligence gathering is expected to boost the quality of geospatial intelligence even more.

How to value geospatial intelligence?

The development of GeoInt is expected to go fast. Considering the worldwide environmental challenges, this will lead to better insight of these problems. Governments and organisations will invest into further improvement of the quality of basic data, and will consider less traditional sources. This improvement makes the combinations of information and intelligence from multiple sources worth your while. If we are keen on creative solutions and willing to consider so far unused sources, we will make the steps needed.

Geoserve as your point of reference?

Our knowledge and experience of GeoInt is combined with our background in the usage of satellites. We focus on:

  • Cooperation with our business partners
  • Taking satellite imagery to the next level
  • Further integration of non-traditional sources into GeoInt
  • Contributing to further quality improvement
  • Maintaining our independent position as data supplier

Interested to find out more?

Geoserve can offer you the best possibilities in obtaining data to further improve your GeoInt. Cooperation is the key to our common goal to work with the highest quality standards. Let us bring together our knowledge, experience and wisdom. May we also provide you with the best possible results?