Historical imagery

The possible value of historical imagery

Historical imagery is stored in numerous databases all over the world. This way, historical data can be compared with more recent observations. If you look at historical facts and the situation as it was in previous days, it will give you an insight in how rapid or slow particular phases went. Nowadays, the imagery in some project is measured against historical imagery. Historical changes that were already recorded have become more valuable, because it gives analysts a sounder basis for deducting conclusions. Historical changes are also a reliable source of evidence, because they are always based on facts instead of presumptions.

How old is historical imagery taken by satellites?

Very basic imagery from satellite cameras was taken the first time in 1960 by weather satellite TIROS I. Like all spectacular introductions of a new phenomenon, the imagery was received with great enthusiasm. Now, scientists and analyst were able to make more in depth predictions. Also, it gave insight in topics for which earlier on no data had been available.

About the development of imagery by satellites

Since the number of satellites grew, we have noticed a fast growth in the number of images and data availaable.The quality of these images also grew, because of the improvement in the quality of cameras being used and the possibilities that were applied to the satellites. More detailed recordings made it possible to conduct better forecasting. The speed of the satellites orbit and the speed of recording equipment increased and made it possible to record more quickly.

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More information about historical imagery?

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