The Arirang satellite program

South-Korea is operating the Kompsat satellites. The Kompsat program is better known as Arirang. The South-Koreans took the name from a popular national folk song. The satellite program has been developed since the end of the last century, and it gives South-Korea a better position for monitoring national developments. Kompsat is also capable to monitor the activities of North-Korea. Kompsat is divided in three different multipurpose satellites; Kompsat 1, 2 and 3.The ground stations for receiving the satellites data are based in South-Korea and France.

The main purposes of the Kompsat satellites

The Arirang programme was established by South-Koreans mainly to be less dependant on the United States satellite programs. Kompsat 1, 2 and 3 are overlapping each other’s operational availability. This strong method of overlapping coverage gives South-Korea certainty in always being able to monitor North-Korean activities. The power of Arirang satellites is impressive. It is possible to monitor moving vehicles of truck size in detail on the ground.

Other purposes of South-Korean Kompsat satellites

Once South-Korea decided that it was not willing to depend any longer completely on the United States satellites, the government decided to make huge investments into a national satellite program. Secondary to the main purpose of monitoring North-Korean activities, the South-Korean satellites are used for mapping, agricultural development, civil engineering, and urban planning.

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