Multispectral imagery

Observations your eyes can not make

Multispectral imagery contains a very wide range of images. Multispectral means that the raw material consists of data from camera observations recorded in a way that the human eye can not visualise. The multispectral recordings from satellites consist of two different types; either with a very broad band or by several narrow bands. The imagery is merged by combining the results into the final multispectral imagery. Multispectral reviewing requires special knowledge in order to be able to make correct interpretations. Analysis of multispectral recordings makes it possible to make conclusions that otherwise would not have been possible.

Limitations of multispectral imagery recorded by satellites cameras

The quality of imagery taken by satellite cameras has strongly increased in the last decades. Further progress still can be made through further narrowing bands and increasing the number of narrow bands used. The quality of imagery is being influenced by weather conditions, such as clouds. Currently we are not capable to remove these negative influences from our results. It means that there are more challenges in order to reach an even higher level in quality and speed.

What can we do with the results of imagery?

Once the raw material is ready for interpretation, the process of analysis starts. During these analyses, assumptions can be made and conclusions can be taken. It will give us a more in depth insight into the (possible) impact changes have on our environment, climate, and health.

Geoserve can provide you with the best available multispectral data

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How to get more information

Multispectral imagery is obtained through a various range of satellites. Through our fine partnership with operators, we can provide you with a high quality standard. Geoserve in The Netherlands can be reached at +31(0)527241010, and we are keen in to give you the best of our service and products.