About five identical satellites

RapidEye satellites are five identical objects. They have a re-visit time of 1 day, and each satellite measures less than one cubic meter. Images that are taken by the RapidEye constellation provides geospatial data to a number of industries. Most of the imagery is provided to agricultural, emergency, security, environmental and forestry industries. It is also used for spatial solutions, and finds it way to organisations that operate in energy and infrastructural industries.

History of the RapidEye satellites

Rather a curious story developed since the first RapidEye business concept was designed in Germany in 1996. The German Aerospace Agency planned to commercialise RapidEye into a professional exploitation of remote sensing. Fundraising from private investors and a German agricultural insurance provider was successful and led to further financial support of the European Union. After earning the required ISO certificate, the first satellite was launched from Kazakhstan in 2008. Financial reasons led to a bankruptcy in 2011, and a take-over by Black Bridge was finalised in 2013. Nowadays., the company is located in Berlin and it operates a constellation of five satellites.

The future of RapidEye

Even though the spacecraft lifetime is only five years, it is expected that the constellation of RapidEye will remain for a long time. A growing number of new customers in demand of satellite imagery will attract investors to stay on – or join into- the satellite market. In particular, the agricultural sector appreciates the benefits of having imagery that assists in precision farming. In this respect, the development of more sufficient farming in African countries is expected to become more and more successful. You don’t need much imagination to understand that involvement of satellite constellations is contributing to this success.

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Do the RapidEye satellites meet your demands?

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