Satellite image map

Get detailed views of your city and worldwide

A Satellite image and the resulting satellite image map are worldwide well known results of what satellites can do. An image in general is a far better way than plain text to get attention from your audience. The satellite image you are using to support your business or private activities is just an example of the various possibilities an image or map has. Going on the internet is the first step to find the satellite image map you need. As long as you are using the material for non-commercial use, this would not be a problem. However, re-publishing for commercial goals is bound to copyright rules that need to be respected.

How is an image map made?

The world is mapped by more than 8000 individual satellites. Over 20 satellite systems to capture your perfect image map are used by Geoserve. Most of the satellites have high quality cameras that continuously take pictures from our earth. The cameras have lenses with a wide angle and have strong zoom lenses to get sharp results of detailed objects and areas. The results are distributed by specialised distributors like ourselves. At Geoserve, we listen to your demands, inform you about the best options, and offer you a sharp priced product that perfectly suits your needs.

What kind of satellite would be suitable for mapping?

We will give you the best options to obtain your preferred map. We have the knowledge and experience to select the satellite that best suits your needs. All satellites make their own orbits and have individual camera specifications. The right choice depends on the moment you need to have a spot mapped, the location on earth, the scale you need, and cloud conditions.

Why to choose Geoserve as your provider?

  • A lot of experience in how to map imagery
  • Access to a large number of satellites and their data
  • Tasking is executed fast and efficient
  • We adapt to your needs if you inform us about a change of plans
  • We also work outside office hours

How to obtain your satellite image map? Contact Geoserve in The Netherlands at +31(0)527241010.