Satellite image mosaic

Creating an overview by combining photos

A satellite image mosaic is a composition of several satellite images. Every image represents a phase in a process. Merging an individual image into an image mosaic is easily done, and is simple way of creating an overview ready for comparison. A satellite image mosaic is characterised by the small blocks that divide the one satellite image from the other. Every individual block represents a particular situation and all pictures together form the mosaic.

Can I make an image mosaic by myself?

In general, you just have to select the pictures you need. Now, you can start collating them into a mosaic. It needs some shuffling before you find the best order for a clear overview, but in principle, this is an easy job to do. Creating it from your own imagery is not legally restricted, but if you create a mosaic by using satellite imagery, make sure that you have the legal rights to publish. In particular, the use for commercial purposes without permission can lead to serious claims.

How to select the best satellite for the purpose of mosaicking?

The type of satellite is not of importance. All satellites can deliver the best image to make the desired composition. What does matter are your demands for the basic imagery. We can help you to select the best options to reach your goals. Furthermore, we support you in making the choices about the level of detail you need. Our company is not driven by commercial goals, and therefore, we will not try to sell you products that have higher costs than needed. However, more detailed recordings have, in general, higher prices.

Why would you choose Geoserve as imagery provider?

  • We support your projects all the way
  • We operate via short lines
  • We have a growing number of satisfied customers
  • You can rely on our expertise and integrity
  • We operate from The Netherlands; a country with clear and fully democratic legislation

How to obtain your satellite image mosaic?

We are always available for your questions, remarks and comments. If you did not find the information you were looking for on this website, then please contact us. Geoserve in The Netherlands is reached by telephone at +31(0)527241010 You can also use the contact information page on this website.