Satellite imagery

Get sharp images from satellites

Geoserve is a seller of satellite imagery concerning globe observation and derivative services and products. Our company has access to over 40 satellites. With our expertise in satellite imagery, we take a leading position in multisensory solutions. Our material is obtained from satellite platforms, like Pleiades, GeoEye, Wordview, Kompsat, Spot, Sentinel, and other satellites. The results are used to offer customers monitoring services, digital elevation models, near-real time deliveries, and change detection products (inter alia coast line changes).

Satellite imagery in a nutshell

Our imagery consists of digital photos taken by a wide range of available satellites. Every satellite simultaneously captures images at the same time in different spectral bands/colours. Part of the imagery is made with a broad band in panchromatic and greyscale, while other satellite recordings consist of several narrow bands (multispectral colour). Images of different spectral bands are merged into a single image. The results of these images can be interpreted for reseach.

About high in the sky imagery

The success of optical tasking is not guaranteed. Satellite contractors commonly use a maximum percentage of cloud coverage per image. Clouds can have a negative influence on satellite images, because they can make them partly unusable. The wrong choice can have serious effects on the costs and opportunities for your imagery. In general, a low price for imagery is not the cheapest solution. Geoserve’s knowledge about specifications, capabilities and limitations of the products satellites is always up to date.

Geoservice makes the difference

Geoserve counts satellite imagery as a core business, and we make sure that you are provided with high quality results. We are certainly eager to convince you of our reliability. We like to point out our advantages:

  • You can also reach us outside office hours
  • Years of experience with imagery subjects
  • Advantages, but also disadvantages in the use of satellite images are clearly explained
  • Commercial motives will never have the lead in our approach
  • You can count on our integrity as a business partner

How can we serve you?

The possibilities in the use of imagery are very wide. With confidence, we provide you with the best solutions for your company or organisation. Since 1997, we have welcomed hundreds of customers to our company. Can we welcome you as a new customer to our services?