Satellite images live

About real-time imagery coverage

Satellite images are used more and more to provide us with a quick overview of a situation. Certainly, they are also a great source for intelligence operations. Even better is the use of the satellite images live. A satellite and its sensor can be directed to a specific point or a range of points. To capture the right moment for your satellite images, a choice can be made to use the optimum of a satellite by using it in live mode. This option is mostly used for weather forecasting.

How do we capture the images live?

Overall, there are over 8000 satellites hovering over the earth. Geoserve uses the possibilities that are brought by over 20 images systems to capture the images live. We work in s way that best suits your wishes. Depending on your demands for satellite images live, we support you in setting up your project plan, and give you an advice about the most effective methods for capturing.

What kind of images would be the right choice?

We support you all the way in making the the best choice. A high quality standard is naturally provided for your live images. Whether you need your material for weather forecasting, monitoring purposes or the gathering of intelligence, we offer you the best options. Your particular demands and wishes are transformed by us into clear execution plans.

What do our services offer you?

  • Specialised experience in live satellite monitoring
  • High quality and integrity standards
  • Fast response by our dedicated staff
  • Change of plans? No problem; we adapt to your needs
  • Outside office hours, we always have a staff member available

How to get your satellite images live?

Geoserve is keen on offering you our best service in satellite and radar products. Providing you with the best possible solutions is our daily challenge. High quality standards for the best price is one of our core values. Naturally, we maintain the highest level of integrity. As an independent distributor, we have served many companies in gathering data, information, and intelligence. You are invited to find out more about our services by contacting us by telephone in The Netherlands at +31(0)527241010.