Satellite pictures

Long distance photography

The first satellite pictures were taken by a US satellite in 1959. These pictures are considered to be the first real results in photography taken from a satellite. Previously, long distance photos were taken by balloons and airplanes that could reach a high altitude. In less than eighty years, the possibilities of obtaining satellite pictures evolved enormously. It became a huge advantaget in the gathering of data, information, and intelligence on our earth. The satellite pictures now support many scientists, analysts and marketers with their activities. Governmental organisations in particular need the pictures in support of important strategic decisions.

Satellite photography in a nutshell

Satellite pictures are used for numerous commercial and governmental activities. Imagine that the pictures taken by a satellite and the possibilities these pictures offer. The satellite imagery, for example, can point out to a specific earth spot where your company is offering something. The positive impact pictures always have on your audience is unmistakable; whether it is on- or offline, they will consume it easily. Imagine the way you can distinct yourself and your business by using and posting this state of the art marketing material.

Satellite and how imagery is captured

Optical satellites take digital pictures. A satellite simultaneously captures multiple images in different spectral bands (colours). Some images are made with a very broad band (panchromatic and greyscale), while other recordings consist of several narrow bands (multispectral colour). Images of different spectral bands are merged into one pictures. These images show details which can be interpreted for further research. Clouds can make a satellite image only partly useable or not at all. Because of this, success of optical tasking can not be guaranteed. Some satellite contractors use a maximum percentage of cloud cover on an image.

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