Satellite views

Watch the world from space

Over the years, the number and quality of satellite views have improved. Many organisations use imagery from space to make strategic decisions. Intelligence agencies have views on earth to monitor the activities of groups or individuals. The public audience has discovered views on the globe as an interesting hobby, and commercial business translate satellite views into profit.

Viewing satellite photos out of curiosity

Taking satellite views is interesting for a large number of people from different backgrounds. Even if you don’t have a professional interest, the earth in all its beauty and vulnerability is intriguing to us. It makes it understandable why we search the internet for possibilities viewing imagery from space to satisfy our curiosity. Freely available material to provide you with views of the earth in general or more detailed imagery of your place of interest are offered in large quantities. As long as it just to satisfy your curiosity, the reliability of the material does not really matter.

Professional views for monitoring the earth

If you are professionally making use of satellite views, you are advised to obtain them through a professional partner. Geoserve is an independent distributor providing you with satellite imagery which meet high quality standards. In contradiction to the freely available views through unaudited providers, Geoserve has a sound track record in providing accurate satellite imagery. You can count on our professional team of data providers. We make sure that the quality of your ordered material meets the standards of your organisation or company.

Geoservice for high quality satellite imagery

  • Highest level of data integrity
  • Balanced quality-demand pricing of products
  • Satellite imagery is our core business
  • The specifications of a product are constantly fine-tuned to your demands
  • We help you to bring the use of imagery to the next level

May we also give you the best views?

Satellite views with high quality standards and balanced prices are provided by Geoserve in The Netherlands. You can reach us at +31(0)527241010 for more information and pricing of our products and services. We would be obliged if your choose us as your trusted partner.