Thermal imagery

Why we should continuously measure the temperature on earth

Thermal imagery is used to compare the temperature of objects. The thermal changes on earth are measured in various scales. We are all aware of the rising temperatures on earth, and the consequences this has on the quality of our lives. By using thermal measuring methods, we keep track of important changes. The imagery that is obtained can be translated into thermal imagery. We see the thermal changes through a period of time, and are able to partly influence unwanted outcomes. Thermal changes are not all in our hands, but the smallest positive strategic decision can already have a huge impact.

How do we obtain thermal imagery

Geoserve uses more than 20 satellite systems operated by providers from all over the world. The basic imagery can be requested as shown with heath differences. With infrared techniques on specific satellite operated cameras, reliable imagery can be collected. Then, the material can be translated into data that can interpreted.

What can we do with this type of imagery

The raw data that is translated into infrared pictures is compared by specialists. These experts inform policymakers that can take the necessary steps to influence the heath or inform the audience about (upcoming) risks and measurements to take. For example; imagine that there is a heatwave in a region. After measuring the temperatures inside this region, the government can shut down a heat producing industry for an amount of time. To convince the stakeholders of the necessity, sound proof would help to accept the decision.

We provide high quality Thermal data to you

Geoserve is an independent provider and distributor of high quality data obtained by satellite systems. We assure you our quality standards as follows;

  • Experienced staff takes care of your requests
  • All our products come with a guaranteed success for your projects
  • Imagery data is obtained with reliable measuring equipment
  • Our specialists give you advice on how to receive the best available data
  • We are only satisfied when you are hapy with the end result

Would you like to have more information?

Thermal imagery with high quality standards and balanced prices are provided by Geoserve in The Netherlands. You can reach us at +31(0)527241010 for more information and pricing of our products and services. We would be obliged if you choose us as your trusted partner.