Get sharp images from satellites

Geoserve is a distributor of Worldview earth observation satellite images and derived products and services. Having access to more than 40 satellites, Geoserve is an expert in multi-sensor solutions. Images from Worldview, Pleiades, GeoEye, Kompsat, Spot, Sentinel and other satellites are used to offer clients monitoring services, near-real time deliveries, change detection products – among others coast line changes – and digital elevation models.

About the worldview optical satellite

Optical satellites like worldview take digital photos. A satellite simultaneously captures multiple images in different spectral bands (colours). Some pictures that are taken are made with a very broad band (panchromatic, “greyscale”), while other Worldview recordings consist of several narrow bands (multispectral colour). Recordings of different spectral bands are merged into one image. These pictures show details which are ready for further interpretation. To do this, special knowledge is often required.

What to keep in mind about satellite imagery

Clouds can make a worldview satellite image only partly usable or useless at all. As a consequence, the success of an optical tasking can not be guaranteed. Some Worldview satellite contractors use a maximum percentage of cloud cover on an image. Therefore, a wrong choice of satellite imagery can have disastrous consequences for the costs and opportunities for your company. Because of this, the lowest purchase price for satellite imagery does not always provide the cheapest solution. Geoserve knows the specifications, capabilities, and limitations of the products satellites deliver.

Why Geoservice is distinctive in its approach

You can count on our reliability. It means that we say what we do and do what we say. The Worldview satellite is one of our most important suppliers in high quality results. We cherish you as a customer and promise you added values as follows;

  • Trust and integrity are our highest values
  • A lot of experience with the daily distribution of satellite imagery
  • Clear advice about advantages and disadvantages of the use of satellite images
  • Our services are not coloured by commercial motives
  • We offer our services almost 24-7 in a customer friendly way

May we offer you our services?

Geoserve offers you a wide range of Worldview products. We are confident that we can provide you with the best of service. In 1997, we started as independent distributor, and since then, we have been able to welcome hundreds of customers. May we add you as our newest satisfied client?